Tioma Maloratsky - DJ 
Every Sunday, Astoria Tango Club opens it's doors into the Buenos Aires Golden Age of Tango.

Come with friends and be transported to the 1950's.Learn how to dance with the friendly Astoria Tango School team leaded by Dancer/ Instructor Mariana Fresno.

Enjoy great Spanish dishes and wines from Centro Español's Restaurant (check menu here) in a relaxed and fun atmosphere while dancing to the rhythm of the most sensual dance in the world: TANGO

Amy Wilson - Tango DJ

Angel, the official Astoria Tango Club chauffeur, will drive you in his luxurious Mercedes SUV (seating 6 people) to three convenient Manhattan subway stations:

  • 59th & Lexington (N, R, Q, 4, 5 & 6)
  • Central Park South (F)
  • Columbus Circle (A, B, C, D & 1)
  • for only $8 per person. Trips begin at 10:30 and will depart as soon as 6 people are ready to leave. Just check-in at the Astoria Tango Club front desk to make your return-to-Manhattan travel arrangements. Angel is also available for trips outside the ATC circuit, contact him directly.

    Amy Wilson - Tango DJ

    Amy Wilson has been a Tango dancer for the past 6 years.
    She started leraning in New York with Walter Perez, María José Sosa, Alfredo Melendez and Sarah La Roca.

    As part of her passion with Tango, Amy started DJ'ing one year and a half ago. Her style is primerily traditional from 1930'2 to 1950's

    Tioma Maloratsky - DJ - NYC

    ARTEM “TIOMA” MALORATSKY started his studies of tango in Miami, Florida, in 1994, where he later performed in the show “Tango Fever”. In 1996 he moved to New York and began frequent visits to Argentina, studying with such masters as Pupi Castello, Nito and Elba, Raul Bravo, Omar Vega, Guillermina Quiroga , Graciela Gonzales, Jorge Nel, Mariano Frumboli. His dancing is inspired in large part by the classic salon style of the 1940’s, which he has seeks out and studies during his prolonged stays in Buenos Aires.

    As a teacher, Tioma is known for making the authentic salon style of tango accessible to his students. He concentrates on musicality, balance, connection between the partners, and improvisational techniques for social dancing. To enhance and refine his dancing, as well as to deepen his approach to teaching, Tioma has studied the Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, Nei Kung, Yoga, and Mindfulness meditation. He has been successfully applying his understanding of body dynamics to helping students improve their general movement coordination while learning how to dance. Tioma has authored the internationally acclaimed website tangoprinciples.org, which is used by tango teachers and enthusiasts around the world.

    Tioma currently resides in New York City, teaches and performs at various tango venues, produces and DJs at the weekly tango event Ensueño, and also DJs at milonga La Nacional and various other tango events in New York City. He has taught at The International Ballet Dance Center at Carnegie Hall, Stepping Out Ballroom and Latin Studios, Champions Dance Studio, New York Health and Racquet Club, and at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night’s Swing. Tioma has given tango workshops in Washington, DC, Cleveland, OH and Boston, MA. He has performed in The Tango Lesson program with the Symphony Orchestra of Eugene, Oregon, starred in “Tango Fusion” Show at the American Theater of Actors, in “Tango Fest” at the New York City Town Hall, club Sunderland in Buenos Aires and in the World Tango Congress in Rosario, Argentina.

    Ilene Marder - DJ - NYC

    In addition to being the founder and director of Woodstock Tango, Ilene has established a reputation as a popular Tango DJ, who plays regularly at milongas & festivals in NYC and surrounding areas (i.e. La Nacional, All-Night Milonga, Esmeralda's, NYC Summer Tango Festival), with recent DJ jaunts to Boston, Chicago, Toronto, & Miami. She is one of the relatively few non-Argentines to DJ in Buenos Aires, including several full nights at Salon Canning, Porteño y Bailerin, and at the first Parque Patricios Festival.

    She is a "traditional" musicalizadora (tango DJ) using cortinas, tandas and the most beautiful classic tango ever recorded. She is also adept at offering some lovely danceable surprises from the modern nuevo and alternative tango worlds, and has a heck of a good time djing tango, salsa and swing events! She conducts MEET THE MUSIC sessions to better acquaint dancers with the key orquesta's of the Golden Age, and composes tango sampler cd's for educational purposes.

    Sunday, December 28th 2014



    6:00 to 12:30

    6:00 to 7:00
    Master Class by
    Gustavo Rios

    Tioma Maloratsky



    Wine and Food available on premisses

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